2018 SHE Recovery Scholarship Recipient

Happy New Year from SHE Recovery! We hope you had a prosperous and healthy 2017. Because of the support and generosity of our community, we were able to host a successful launch party, reach dozens of women, AND award the first SHE Recovery scholarship to a woman to further her self-healing journey!

Please check out her story below and join us in celebrating her and the beautiful life of service and love that is flowing through her!

My name is Liza and I am from Florence, AL. My sobriety date is December 29, 2015. I am a proud recovering heroin addict and thankful for the long journey. Not proud that I was addicted and caused pain but proud I am alive and in recovery. There is light at the end of the tunnel for sure.

I had every opportunity growing up with loving and supportive parents. I grew up in church and had good friends. I graduated from Birmingham-Southern College. I started drinking and smoking pot around the age of 15. I experimented with many substances but opiates made me feel like I had arrived. Any fears or insecurities seemed to vanish. What seemed like innocent fun later took everything from me including almost my life. I have lost friends to heroin and watched families suffer including my own. I was a prisoner to my disease and didn't even know it for many many years.

I started iv using heroin in 2010 and have been to 17 different rehabs, Hospital detoxes & halfway houses not including jails. I was numb yet full of fear and couldn't stop. I couldn't function without it. I couldn't be a mother to my now 7 year old daughter, a friend, a daughter, a sister, good employee or active member of society.

My last arrest was a huge part to saving my life. I believe God was doing for me what I could not do for myself. I got a distribution to controlled substance charge in 2013. Trying to beat the system made everything worse. Again, I was full of fear and again couldn't stop or function without using heroin. I went to A New Beginning in Florence, AL on December 28, 2015. I didn’t know if I was actually going to stay or run but I did know I was tired and scared of serving prison time if I continued using. After a couple of weeks of being sick and observing positive females in recovery as well as other females in treatment with me I became open and willing to do anything to stay clean and sober. That was God at work. I didn't know how to live life on life's terms. I HAD to get HONEST and WILLING to change. Change is scary. I had been using substances since an early teen. I had to let go of trying to run the show and let God.

A New Beginnings is a long-term treatment facility for women and that's what needed. I learned how to be still and comfortable in my own skin. Learned to love myself and have acceptance in my life. I am forever grateful I turned my will and my life over to the God of my understanding. My God is good, loving and forgiving. I believe God wants us all to be happy and live a purpose filled life. Thanks to God, my sponsor, the 12 steps and my amazing recovery community in Florence I have a drug free life. I can handle life on life's terms today and truly have gratitude in every step of the day. I am thankful for the opportunity to sponsor women today. I have friends today that don't want anything from me but friendship and love. I look for similarities in others rather than our differences. That's a change. My perception has thankfully changed. I am blessed to be alive and thankful the journey God choose for me has taught me what is important in life. It is important to me to continue to grow and be of service to others in recovery.

I connected with Shoals Yoga just after getting sober. I loved the energy and the way I felt when leaving a yoga class. Very similar in a sense to how I feel when leaving a recovery meeting. My interest has continued with learning more about yoga and its many benefits. I was very excited to hear about the launch of SHE Recovery. The support and love Danielle Snoddy and Brooke Rose offer women is truly amazing. I immediately knew without a doubt I somehow wanted to be involved. I attended the meetings held at Shoals Yoga and tried to volunteer any way I possibly could. I just wanted to be a part of this positive growth. Not long ago, I was honored the SHE Recovery yoga teacher training scholarship. My heart is so full of happiness and gratitude. I look forward to using this opportunity as a way to continue my growth and healing and most importantly give back to other women in our community. My prayer is to learn and be inspired so I can be of service and give back what was given to me.

- Liza

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